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Duterte is the only President to visit Cordillera within 72 hours after a calamity – Baguio City Mayor Domogan

Duterte is the only President to visit Cordillera within 72 hours after a calamity - Baguio City Mayor Domogan


Baguio City Mayor Domogan, Cordillerans praised Duterte: “He’s the only President to visit Cordillera within 72 hours after a calamity”

President Rodrigo Duterte received hundreds of praise from the people of Cordillera including Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan of Baguio City.

In his post, Domogan said that President Rodrigo Duterte is the only Chief Executive in his memory to act fast and quickly visited Cordillera that ravaged by Typhoon Ompong last week.

Photos also showed Duterte talking to the victims of the typhoon and giving them cash assistance.

“President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his cabinet secretaries visit victims of typhoon Ompong in Baguio and Benguet at the Benguet Provincial Capitol.

Aside from giving them cash assistance, he ordered the immediate retrieval of the remains of those missing and assistance for the burial for those who perished.” Domogan said.

“PRRD is the only President to visit the region within 72 hours after a calamity. We thank him for his sincerity, concern and for his heart for the people of the Cordillera,” he added.

President Duterte meets the bereaved families of Landslide victims in Cordillera

Several netizens also dedicated a message to thank President Duterte for his hard work and care to the Cordillerans.

“He is just this humble man God ordained to administer Philippines 🇵🇭 a better nation. Let’s keep him in our prayers as many predators are roaring like a lion 🦁 to destroy him but an assurance that “NO ONE CAN PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN!”
God bless you, PRRD.” Anabella da Igorota said.

“The best President in this universe ive’d ever known, a true leader who cares and value his people, we love u our beloved President.” Jacky Palit-Ang commented.

“The burden gets lighter for the families and the whole community. watching the President actions in times like this. We are far from home sweet home but we can feel the hearts of every one victim or not. God bless u more Mr. President and your cabinets.” Ganz Love Us remarked

“So true Mr. Mayor. I was in Baguio during the earthquake in the 90’s and i don’t recall the president of the Republic visited CAR for assistance.” Lyn Ruth said.

A netizen also hoped that what happened in Baguio City will become a wake-up call to them to seriously take care of their environment.

“Thank you, Mr. President Duterte for your Compassion and Sympathy. May God bless you always and guide you. Thanks, Mayor Domogan, I just hope that there would be an environmental awareness day wherein all private and local institutions will participate in Planting more trees. And Strict implementations on Garbage disposal and littering. Thank you. My condolences to all cordilleran families who were affected by the landslide and lost their loved ones. God bless Baguio and Benguet!” Daniel Leybag said.

Another netizen slammed the mainstream media for trying to hide the voice of the Cordillerans.

Ito po ang hindi pinapakita sa mga balita… they only show what they think they know, but for us in Baguio and Benguet… Duterte is by far the best… as what Mayor Domogan said, “the only president to visit a place within 72 hours after a calamity” “the only president” Kat Lee said.

On September 17, Duterte visited Benguet to express his sympathy to the people of Benguet.

He assured each of the bereaved families of the landslide victims in Baguio City, Itogon and Ucab to receive P45,000 cash assistance.

“Ang Diyos lang talaga ang makasagot ng lahat ng tanong na ito. Even if I make an attempt to blame somebody, to blame the weather, or maybe to blame the negligence of others, it won’t really help anymore,” President Duterte said.

Duterte also wanted to visit the exact location of the landslides in CAR, however, it didn’t go through because of the bad weather.