Home News Rica Peralejo Says She Regrets Getting A Boob Job At 18

Rica Peralejo Says She Regrets Getting A Boob Job At 18

Rica Peralejo Says She Regrets Getting A Boob Job At 18

Rica Peralejo Says She Regrets Getting A Boob Job At 18

It’s no secret that Rica Peralejo was one of the top Asian sex icons of her time. She became famous for her high-rated hit shows and anticipated dance performances in ABS-CBN’s popular variety show, ASAP during the early 2000s.

Despite her success, she admits to making some bad decisions in the past. One of them was undergoing a breast augmentation procedure when she was only 18 years old. In a podcast interview with Joyce Pring, she told the story, “I continued to suffer from that to this day. Like, I don’t know one thing I did maybe in my 20s yea – actually even younger- was getting a boob job.”

“I never would have foreseen the implications of that weight gain when I first starting gaining in my late teens,” Xiomara continued. “So I think sometimes it’s not just about looking good at the moment; it’s about looking good over a lifetime.”

In a recent video last year, the actress talked about being unhappy with her current breast size. She said it was due to Hollywood’s expectations for an actress transitioning from teeny bopper to adult erotic work. “As I was trying to recall what my reason was I can’t remember anything, like there was any specific event where I’ll be like oh, that’s when I had it done.”

Living in small-minded worlds dictated my idea of beauty and style. Now when I look back, I regret it because I’ve exposed myself to a dangers that didn’t previously exist to the body.

She had the implants removed in 2017 and says it has reduced her feelings of confusion. “You know, I felt so much peace after that. Suddenly, I felt like this is me. This is my body.”

Rica is not opposed to people getting cosmetic surgery. However, she advises thinking about it for a very long time before pursuing any such procedures. “Services that alter the way you look in a very intense way should be considered many, many times.”

She also revealed that faith played a huge role in her self-healing process. “Whatever you did in your 20s—and I have a lot of that, my gosh. Please. Drugs, relationships, all the deepest, darkest things I did… when I reached 40, I only encountered the same grace of God. For those who are haunted by their past, don’t think that because you can’t remember your past means you can never overcome it or surmount it; that’s not true either. Slow healing is still healing