Home politics Look: 1 Million-Peso Foot Bridge Collapses In Ilo-Ilo City

Look: 1 Million-Peso Foot Bridge Collapses In Ilo-Ilo City

Look: 1 Million-Peso Foot Bridge Collapses In Ilo-Ilo City


A one million-peso foot bridge connecting the villages of Loboc and Mansaya in Ilo-Ilo City, Philippines, collapsed and can’t be used as of the moment.

The said bridge was constructed in 2009 and was finished in 2010. Although it can be understandable that the old and temporary bridge collapsed, many believed that the materials used are so much easy to be worn out and is weakly built.

The City Mayor thinks that somebody pocketed most of the funds for the said foot bridge that is worth P1 million.

In a post on Facebook, Ilo-Ilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog claimed that the past congressman spent P1 million pesos just to make the temporary structure that didn’t last long.

This is what the Mayor wrote on his Facebook account.

Nalumpag ang taytay connecting barangay Loboc and mansaya. Ini project sang nagligad nga congressman kung diin gin pondohan sang pondo sang nagligad nga congressan sang 1 milyon pesos sang 2009 kag natapos sang 2010. Butangan anay sang temporaryo nga bamboo bridge kag para sa 2017 budget butangan ni mayor jed sang ka igo nga pondo para mabutangan sang mabakod kag pag-on nga taytay….

Mabilog, though didn’t mention any names, have promised that he will be replacing the bridge with a bamboo bridge temporarily but, assured to build a sturdier bridge that won’t easily collapse.

The bamboo bridge is said to be temporarily build as there is still not enough budget for the said structure to connect the two villages.

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Mayor Mabilog believes that in 2017, his government will have the right amount of funds to begin the construction of the bridge.

Netizens have commented on the Mayor’s post but still, others have criticized the Mayor’s finger-pointing of the past congressman when he can just to something else for these villagers since he is already the Mayor since 2010.

Looking at the photos, the bridge looked like it doesn’t cost P1 million as budgeted. If it was proved, there might be really someone behind who pocketed the funds of the people. source